Cost control

Controlling and monitoring the costs of a construction project will help you avoid many surprises and protect you from start to finish.

Dufresne, Savary & Associés inc. advise you.

Accurate monitoring of construction costs

When you take on the construction of a commercial or industrial building, unforeseen circumstances may arise that could result in additional expenses in the original budget.

Cost control allows you to compare all the data related to the costs established at the outset and those generated during the course of the construction. This can be done by having an expert accompany you to avoid unpleasant surprises. A conscientious and knowledgeable chartered appraiser from Dufresne, Savary & Associates inc. will skillfully monitor the cost control of your construction, follow up during the course of construction process and advise you throughout all the work with suggestions to adjust the budget if necessary. He will also follow up on receipts and holdbacks, if needed. This extremely useful service from Dufresne, Savary & Associates inc. provides protection for the borrower as well as the lender, the contractor as well as the owner.

You can rely on Dufresne, Savary & Associates inc. to follow up on a well-financed, properly developed, and carefully planned project from start to finish!

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