Purchase of a real estate asset

Initially and in most cases, purchasing a real estate asset is a major investment and sometimes the most important one in a lifetime. Also, the purchase of an asset is often influenced by a strong desire where emotion may outweigh rationality. Furthermore, other parties in the process of that purchase having a direct interest, such as real estate agents and mortgage lenders whose salaries are generally based on the value, may also have an influence in the decision making process. Yet, many other factors have an impact on the market value of a property.

Therefore, considering the chartered appraiser’s expertise is a favorable option. In fact, the impartiality of the appraiser may clarify some questions and help you make the best decision possible. The reasoned opinion of the value formulated by the chartered appraiser is not motivated or influenced by his salary but rather based and demonstrated by direct proofs that stem from the market. These direct proofs are the result of thorough research and analysis based on registered data of crucial quality. Access to this data is fundamental to a better understanding of a specific sector.

The Chartered Appraiser is more than just an estimator; he is an expert real estate consultant